Sankalpa: A Powerful Alternative to New Year’s Resolutions

It’s resolution season! Sigh. With the new year comes a bevy of promises we make about how this year, it's going to be differ [...]

Winter Solstice Ritual: Celebrate Rebirth and Renewal

Winter Solstice Ritual Winter Solstice is today, December 21, so brace yourself.  We will experience the fewest hours of sun [...]

Full Moon Yoga Flow

January 31, 2018 is a Full Moon. The phases of the moon are determined by the moon’s relative position to the sun. Full moons [...]

Yoga and Meditation: The Connection

Meditation and Yoga: The Connection Yoga, when broken down to Yuj means to bring together. In yoga we are bringing the body b [...]

True Confessions of a Yoga Teacher

When I tell people I teach yoga, they might reply about how calm and enlightened I must be, or ask if I can put my feet behin [...]

5 Black yoga teachers you can take classes with online

As a black yogini, it's challenging to find culturally-affirming yoga teachers to practice with online. It is still rare to f [...]

Black Yogi Feature: Keisha

Q&A with Keisha What led to your first yoga experience and why do you still practice?   I was dancing a lot and a fr [...]

Black Yogi Feature: Vanessa Michele

Q&A with Vanessa Michelle What led to your first yoga experience and why do you still practice?   I started practici [...]

Black Yogi Feature: Nicole Scott

Meet Nicole Scott Nicole created The Yoga Noir Project with a mission is to introduce the yoga practice to women of color as [...]

Garage to Home Yoga Studio in 3 Easy Steps

Before I get into this, I would like to say that the idea of converting my garage into a home yoga studio came about while I [...]

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