Garage to Home Yoga Studio in 3 Easy Steps

Before I get into this, I would like to say that the idea of converting my garage into a home yoga studio came about while I [...]

Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

A guide to meditation: 4 encouraging tips to know When we encounter those who have a pretty consistent meditation practice we [...]

Radical self-care tips for racial trauma

This is no time to mince words: our American government is over the edge of reason. The current “administration” has repeated [...]

Celebrate the Solar Eclipse: Manifest and Meditate

A total solar eclipse, like today on August 21, occurs when the New Moon comes between the sun and the Earth and casts the da [...]

How to Start Yoga

As simple as this may sound, one of the questions I get a lot from family and friends is “how do I start yoga?” Honestly, the [...]

Why meditation is more than a fad

Why meditation is more than a fad When we take a look at social media, the magazines, and our TV’s we see that Zen is in.  Ev [...]

Yoga – a Black Male’s Perspective

Yoga – a Black Male’s Perspective “Yoga is for chicks.” That’s the answer I would have given eight years ago if someone had a [...]

What practicing yoga in Haiti taught me

What practicing yoga in Haiti taught me I recently took a 16-day trip to Haiti. I was so excited about this trip. Excited abo [...]

Vegan Essentials List for Beginners

Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle can seem overwhelming in the beginning. Most people will wonder what you will eat and wher [...]

Online healing and wellness for people of color

Pictured: Carla Christine, Yoga Green Book Founder + CEO I DID IT! I unapologetically quit my Electrical Engineering job af [...]

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